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An architect and designer with extensive international experience, Javier Robles draws from his deep architectural and global cultural knowledge to share with his clients his passion for design. Whether it is an urban dwelling or a getaway home, Robles’ signature design is a reflection of his thoughtful spatial composition that aligns his visions with his clients’ aspirations.

His ability to work in different scales, materials and contexts has enabled Robles to create a unique, contemporary design language that conveys the sophistication and diversity of his clients’ lifestyles and brings to life to their unrealized stories.

Robles, who was born in Peru and is now based in New York City and London, studied architecture at the University of São Paulo in Brazil, where he was strongly influenced by Brazilian modernist architecture. His interest in history and cultural identity took him back to his roots in northern Peru, where he studied and gained comprehensive experience working with vernacular architecture, in mud brick and in national monumental sites. He continue working in other sites around the globe and currently it is working in Chan Chan Archeological Site and the Huaca de la Luna, both in Peru.

After graduating from Columbia University with a master’s in architectural design, Robles worked in prestigious architectural firms in New York and in the Interiors and Product Design department at Parsons School of Design. Ready to embark on a new chapter, he moved to London and established his own practice: Utopus UK, in 2004, followed by Utopus NY, in 2006 and Utopus Peru in 2015. At Utopus, Robles collaborates with a multidisciplinary team to conceive and execute a variety of projects ranging from cultural and educational buildings to product and furniture design.

In 2013 Robles founded Lumifer, a lighting and furniture company for the luxury residential and hospitality markets. This was a natural response to his clients’ search for the unique and extraordinary in furnishing and décor. Based in NYC, Lumifer has grown rapidly to become a design forerunner in the contemporary domestic and international market.

In 2016 Robles established Javier Robles Inc., a bespoke studio that offers a fully integrated service for residential architecture, interiors and lifestyle. These new venture attend to the growing demand of his worldwide clientele.